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1Burette, traditional design (lab, unclassified)
2Catalyst (other, unclassified)
3Cell (lab)
4Circulating refrigeration thermost (lab)
5Cleaning and disinfection automat (lab, accessories)
6Colorimeter (PAT)
7Compressor, ventilator, vacuum pump (accessories, add. equip.,
8Cotton applicator
9Crucible (lab)
10Cryo box (lab)
11Cryo tube (lab)
12Cutting mill (lab)
13Detector tube
14Diaphragm vacuum pump
15Digital thermometer (lab)
16Dispenser, roll (cleaning agent)
17Dispenser, variable (lab)
18Disposable dish (lab)
19Electronic insert for domestic switching devices
20Flat bag (plastic, packing material)
21Hanging thermostat (lab)
22Heating, cooling instrument (lab, accessories, unclassified)
23Heating, cooling instrument (lab, other, unclassified)
24Incubator (lab)
25Lab Agitator, electrical
26Lab chemicals (other, unclassified)
27Lab dish
28Laboratory measurement instrument (accessories, unclassified)
29Laboratory vessel (accessories, unclassified)
30Level monitoring relay
31Magnetic stirrer, single stirrer (lab)
32Material separation system (lab, accessories, unclassified)
33Measuring beaker (lab)
34Micro-pipette filler (lab)
35Microliter pipette, fixed volume (lab)
36Microliter pipette, variable (lab)
37Multi-well tissue culture plate (lab)
38Paper roll for office machines (unclassified)
39Paper towel
40ph-buffer solution (lab)
41Pipette rack (lab)
42Pipette, traditional tubular shape (lab, unclassified)
43Pipetting system (lab, unclassified)
44Pump (accessories, additional equipment, unclassified)
45Pump (parts, unclassified)
46Refrigerator (lab)
47Respiratory protective mask
48Safety burner (lab)
49Safety cupboard (lab)
50Safety vaccum system (lab)
51Safety workbench (lab)
52Sample preparation apparatus (lab, accessories, unclassified)
53Sampler (manual, lab, unclassified)
54Schilling titration burette (lab)
55Screw lid (lab container)
56Screw-top bottle (lab)
57Shaker (lab, unclassified)
58Shaker, stirrer, mixer (lab, accessories, unclassified)
59Table centrifuge (lab)
60Temperature sensor (lab)
61Thermostatic mixer (lab)
62Tubing (lab)
63Tubing clamp (lab)
64Volumetric device (lab, accessories, unclassified)